I am very proud and excited to launch ITWork’s first newsletter.

We deliberated what would be the best way to share our work with you, and decided on a quarterly newsletter. We will bring you fascinating stories of people distant from the work market, yet full of determination and motivation to integrate into quality employment, and of employers willing and committed to successfully recruit and retain workers from diverse populations.

We provide our program participants with the tools they need to successfully integrate into skilled work, and we highlight the advantages of a diverse work force to the many employers with which we collaborate throughout the country.

In this newsletter we will present exciting new developments in programs we operate for the Arab and Haredi sectors, an interview with one of our TAP (Technology Accessibility Program) participants, updates on new articles and publications in the field of employment research and an invitation to companies to join our new initiative to promote diversity in the workplace.

We are at the beginning of a new year. 2016 has been a year of achievements and successes:

We developed unique models – such as a collaboration Bynet Semech for Haredi men that resulted in several job placements; Bynet Semech are now planning to open a center in Bet Shemesh that will hire predominantly Haredi men.

We deepened our work relations with large companies, creating strategic partnerships that involve both joint work and support in recruitment of workers from diverse populations, and focused vocational training.

Our program with the Ministry of Economy has born great fruits, with 200 Arab students or academics finding relevant and dignified employment in the hi-tech industry.

The organization is currently operating two wonderful Tevet programs for diverse populations – “Essek Shaveh”, to promote employment of people with disabilities, and “Emza Haderech” – a new service to promote skilled employed of people over the age of 45.

We hope that 2017 will bring continued growth and development and opening of new opportunities for quality employment for people from excluded population.

I wish us all a wonderful new year, full of light and diversity.

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