Invitation to Workplace Diversity!

A New Program in Partnership with the USA Embassy

ITWorks has long championed diversity in the hi-tech and other advanced industries through a range of programs and projects. In partnership with USA Embassy’s MEPI program, we are now launching a new program that will take these effort one step further.
Research in Israel and overseas show that a diverse work place increases productivity and innovation, and leads to improved business outcomes. According to Mckinsey (2015), companies with a diverse complement of workers are 35% more likely to achieve a higher than average return.
Our goal with the new program is to help the participating companies to broaden the pool of candidates available to them and reach relevant new candidates from populations that face significant obstacles in accessing skilled employment: Arabs, Ethiopians, peripheries, Haredis, people over the age of 45, etc.
ITWorks will provide the participating companies a large and diverse pool of trained candidates and will guide and support the companies throughout the process, ensuring that companies acquire the necessary professional tools.
We invite companies to join this unique and important program. For further details, please contact Orly Chen, 972-54-4793385,

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