New Insights on Employment

  1. A new research study from Prof. Leah Achdut and Prof. Michel Strawczynski of the Van Leer Institute argues that the government is not prioritizing reduction of poverty among working people and is not investing enough in vocational training as a means to integrate poverty-stricken populations in the work market. Vocational training is particularly critical for the Haredi and Arab populations as an effective way to find employment.

Link to the full article (in Hebrew only):

  1. A recent article in the Workers’ Rights Portal lists studies and examples of discrimination in hiring. According to a survey by the Ministry of Economy referenced by Globes Newspaper, no less than a quarter of all job seekers reported in recent years of discrimination and opportunity inequality. For example: only 5.6% of employers are willing to employ Ethiopians, 8.7% willing to employ Haredi people and only 7.4% are willing to employ Arabs.

Link to the full article (in Hebrew only): %D7%90%D7%A4%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%94

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