ExcelHT is a unique program providing Druze and Circassian academic students and graduates with tools for successful entry and long term retention into Israel’s thriving hi-tech, technology and communications industries.

The program was initiated by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Joint Distribution Committee (Israel’s JDC) and implemented in collaboration with ITWorks.

The program responds to the  difficulty that students and graduates in the fields of technology and the sciences encounter in finding quality jobs relevant to



their experience  due to cultural and geographical barriers, lack of contacts, networking skills and institutionalized discrimination in hiring practices for this sector.

The program seeks to help its participants find quality employment that matches their skills –sets, education and passion, while also creating ambassadors of change; creating basis for diversity in Israel’s skilled work force in the future.

To date 300 people have participated in the program with 70% of its graduates already in secured positions that maximize their potential.