“Securing Israel’s Future though Employment” was developed to provide non-degreed adults ages 20-35 living  throughout Israel’s social and geographical periphery with the professional and technological training for successful entry into Israel’s thriving technology and communications sectors.

The program will serve 20-30 students per course in a total of 20 courses in 10 cities over the next three years targeting first generation born and new immigrants, minorities and young adults, all who are without the role models, financial or social support for successful pursuits of professional careers.

The program acts as a bridge between participants seeking skilled employment and technological employers in need of new hires trained in the specific skill sets they require.


Tailoring its technological curricula to meet the immediate market demands of relevant and local businesses and the professional development needs of each target group served.

The program provides a full spectrum of tools ensuring successful integration into Israel’s leading sectors with optimized potential for work force retention and promotions.

In its first, the program will operate in the following cities/communities: Tira, Hadera, Dalyat El Karmel and Bat-Yam.

Criteria for Acceptance:

  • Young men and women between the ages 20-35
  • Up to 12 years of schooling; without academic degrees
  • Highly motivated and eager for personal advancement and financial self-sufficiency through quality employment.
  • Advanced Hebrew/Professional Hebrew
  • Basic English
  • Willingness to work outside of their community
  • Ability to work in shifts