Initiated by the Division for Immigration Integration of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) – Israel in response to the specific needs for young people throughout Israel.

The Mercazei Zeirim have the educational, cultural and social issues of young people on the national agenda. Its programs and services provide a comprehensive solution to the specific needs of youth emanating from within each respective community.

Each “youth center” takes on the responsibility of ensuring that Israeli society will prosper with the future adults fortified with necessary skills sets for pursuing purposeful lives, including skills for pursuing education, employment and enjoying social and youth activities.

The core activities of the youth centers address issues of:  Employment and entrepreneurship, higher education, community involvement, leadership, and culture and leisure. Services also include assistance in: career development (job searches and finding suitable employment), volunteering, selecting fields and institutions of study; professional courses with discounts and more.

The centers also address needs of targeted groups including: discharged soldiers, present and future students, young parents, job seekers, new immigrants, college graduates, and others in need of support.

ITWorks currently operates eight youth centers throughout Israel’s northern region.